20 June 2014 –Première of Tacita Muta–

By Adriana Borriello / October, 9, 2014 / 0 comments

At La Biennale di Venezia, Hall 4 of the Teatro alle Tese Arsenale – première of the choreography Tacita Muta that Adriana Borriello has created for the three young dancers from Lazio. The piece is part of the project on the transmission of knowledge of contemporary dance to the younger generation, Vita Nova by Virgilio Sieni.

Tacita Muta

It was an ancient Roman goddess of the underworld, celebrated as the Goddess of Silence, because the word value had to belong only to men, the silence to women. But Tacita Muta is just a starting point. With the young dancers of this adventure we imagine a sort of rite of passage, in silence, in the body, in the body sound: playful transmission of knowledge, tastes and moods, sharing a space-time, with its own rules of the game.

choreography Adriana Borriello

assistant Valeria Diana

Interpreters with the project Vita Nova Lazio

live music Letizia Renzini

production La Biennale di Venezia – 9th International Festival of Contemporary Dance in collaboration with Fondazione Romaeuropa

duration 25′