From 1992 to 1997 Adriana taught contemporary techniques and choreographic composition at the Civica Scuola di Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi di Milano.

In May 1997 she was guest lecturer at the History department of Professor Silvia Carandini’s Theatre at the University “La Sapienza” di Roma. Here, she conducted a theoretical-practical workshop about kinetics in theatre and dance.

In 1998 she projected and directed a Course of Study for the training of Interdisciplinary Contemporary Dancers funded by the EU Community, Regione Lombardia and Ministry of work. The program of the course focused on the practice of different dance, theatre and music techniques, on their linguistic interactions, and on the study of anthropology.

From 1998 to date, Adriana has worked also as guest tutor with the National Accademy of Dance where she teaches Choreographic Composition and Methodology for the University two-year specialist curriculum in Choreography.


In June 2007 she directed the workshop:  Il movimento tra estasi ed eros for the Biennale di Venezia. The workshop concluded with a very successful public representation that  triggered a lively conversation with the public.


In August 2007 she was in Hungary to offer a composition and improvisation workshop, included in Frey Faust’s Nomadic College.


In November 2008 she directed an intensive choreographic workshop for  C.R.U.D. – Università di Torino – E.T.I., in Turin at the Fonderie Limone.

In Spring 2009 she was once again at the Biennale di Venezia with a seminar  that is part of the education program Arsenale della danza directed by Ismael Ivo.

In January 2012 she realised an artist-in-residence project at the Teatro Valle Occupato with the title L’eloquenza delle forme semplici. This was structured around:

two workshops; the first one based on the experience of movement; the other one on choreographic research, in which an ensemble of musicians was also involved;

four nights of performances, two of which with Giovanna Marini’s music; one consisting of short authored choreographies, and one of dance and music originated from the work done in the seminaries; two  groups observing the works, one of video-makers and one of students researchers.

L’eloquenza delle forme sempliciProject

L’eloquenza delle forme sempliciEXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP ON MOVEMENT