1985 – 1991

From the birth of Adriana’s company in Paris to the collaboration with Inteatro Production Centre in Polverigi

In 1985 the organisers of the Festival of Seine Marittime-Rouen offered to produce one of Adriana’s works with the one condition that she would be interpreter as well as the author. After thoughtful consideration, in the following year she accepted the invite and founded her own company in Paris, producing the show Allegro vivace mais pas trop, trio per danzatrici, that made her a well-known and internationally celebrated choreographer. Since the beginning, she displayed her deep interest for the musical valence of movement, even not positioning herself in pure abstraction, and already manifesting the essence of her anthropologic vision of the body.

Towards the end of 1986, still living in Paris, Adriana moved her company to Italy, having accepted a proposal from the directors of Centro di produzione Inteatro di Polverigi, Velia Papa and Roberto Cimetta. They offered to host and manage Adriana’s company and choreographic works, within their centre.

With Polverigi started a period of serene and successful collaboration that lasted till 1991-92; in those years Adriana created many works, that were the result of international cooperation, and she toured in Italy and abroad.