1997 – 1999

Resident Choreographer  at Teatridithalia in Milan

From 1997 to 1999 the association MARTA became Adriana Borriello Teatridithalia/danza followig Adriana’s agreement to take part in the pilot project at  Teatridithalia di Milano (Teatro dell’Elfo e Teatro di Porta Romana) as resident choreographer.
The viability of the project was assessed taking into consideration the Italian Government’s allocation of funding for initiatives of this kind, that were considered “special projects”, being the first Italian experiment of residential choreography, on the French model. In spite of the commitment of the Minister of Arts, who expressed the government’s intention to support this initiative with adequate funding at a press conference, eventually a very insignificant amount of funding was allocated to the project.

Nevertheless, with the truthful and loyal support of Teatridithalia, the company managed to give life to Progetto Catartico, a triptych of performances developed from anthropologic and ethnochoreologic  research on popular traditions of different cultures at first, and of  Italian cultures, eventually. As well as being a pleasing experience with Teatridithalia, Progetto catartico led to the productive collaboration with the composer, ethnomusicologist and visual anthropologist Francesco De Melis, who composed the music of many of the works produced by Adrana with her company.