2002 – 2012

The merging between Adriana’s company and Teatro T2 of Margherita Parrilla created AlmaTanz.

In 2002 Adriana’s company merged with Margherita Parrilla‘s, generating AlmaTanz, the company currently directed by Luigi Martelletta.
This new form of cooperation and management of her company’s work has allowed Adriana to stage shows only if and when there are the necessary conditions to guarantee the quality of her artistic work.

Surely, a compromise between the uneasiness for the Italian bureaucratic system in relation to dance and her still very lively autonomous creative impulse. The ideal way of managing her company remains the collaboration with Theatres or production centres, as per her previous experience with Inteatro di Polverigi and the Teatridithalia, since Adriana is not interested in business management nor is she skilled for it.